Eyes on the Road

Okay, Missoula, this is getting a wee bit ridiculous. A customer in here today received a call on her cell phone from a friend who had just gotten hit by a car while he was biking. Now, I don’t know who was in the wrong in this case, but this is the third time in the past week alone that I’ve heard about recent collisions between bikers and drivers on Missoula’s streets. Combined with my quiet rage against the half-dozen or so drivers who in the last year would have hit me (as a pedestrian, on foot) had I not been watching, I think it’s time we slowed down a bit–even bikers, but cars especially–and kept our eyes open and on the road. Stop all the way at stop signs. Just because the light’s green doesn’t mean you can make your turn right away. Keep your eyes peeled. Put down your flippin’ cell phone and get those hands on the wheel. Don’t bike with earphones jammed in your ears–your iPod can wait.

I know Missoula’s better than most cities when it comes to courtesy for bikers and walkers, but we can still do better. Right-of-way isn’t going to matter much when you’re over at St. Pat’s getting your face stitched up and your bones re-aligned.

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