Y: The Last Man = Graphic Novel Gold

ythelastman15This may come as a surprise to some of you, but  (gasp!) “Watchmen” is not the only graphic novel ever to hit the shelves. You may understandably be operating under this impression due to the obnoxious amount of cross-marketing and media time the comic is receiving because of the recent release of its movie adaptation. But nay, there is more to graphic novels than Dr. Manhattan and Alan Moore.

“Y: The Last Man,” while lacking the psychological complexity of “Watchmen,” manipulates suspense and superb storytelling in a fashion unlike any I have previously witnessed in the graphic novel medium. The 10 volume series depicts the adventures of a young man named Yorick, the last male left on Earth after a “gendercide” instantaneously kills every living creature possessing a Y chromosome.

Did I enjoy this novel more than “Watchmen”? They are too dissimilar to fairly compare. But, if you would like to investigate the matter for yourself, we do have the first volume in stock; it is called “Y: The Last Man – Unmanned.”

Oh yeah, and there is a film adaptation of “Y: The Last Man” in the works, due out summer of 2010. Sigh.

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