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A Ph.D. in Insulting Your Ass

Posted in Books, Excerpts with tags on 13 September, 2010 by S&Co.

from The Madonnas of Echo Park

[p. 93] In the gang, I treated women like unexpected gusts of cool air on a hot, dry day, a soft westward breeze …. Then I moved on. Ofelia was different from the start. We met in the parking lot of what used to be Chief’s Auto Repair in the first mini-mall on this stretch of Sunset. She was picking up a replacement battery for her Volkswagen bug but had no idea how to install it. Man, she was beautiful; had a mouth so smart it had a Ph.D. in insulting your ass. Her body didn’t move so much as it cut through air that didn’t have time to get out of her way.

Brando Skyhorse


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